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Excellent luster&color pearlescent pigment

High quality pearlescent pigment that these products are registered cosmetic manufacture in Europe and the United States

NIPPON TALC is distributor of Oxen Special Chemicals as pearlescent pigment manufacture.
Oxen Special Chemicals is one of the leading professional manufacturers of pearlescent pigment.
The company was granted ISO9001 and ISO14001. Cosmetic manufactures in Europe and the United States use these pearlescent pigment.
There are 15series and 800 colors available for variety of application
The company producted 4 colors pearlescent pigment. It has attracted attention.
There is good weather resistance series. The products passed about Q-lab weather resistance test.
Please contact us if you like detailed information.(Manufacture page is here)


  • Cosmetics,Plastics,Paint,Synthetic leather etc.
Pearl escent pigment