What is Talc?

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Talc ore is mined in a layered mineral state.
Talc ore is white, pink, light green, and gray in color, from which white or gray powder is obtained when it is pulverized.
The chemical name of talc is hydrous magnesium silicate (Mg3Si4O10(OH)2).
Talc has a true specific gravity of 2.7 and Mohs hardness of 1, which is the softest inorganic mineral with excellent heat resistance and chemical stability.
Talc ore is produced in many parts of the world. High purity talc ore with high industrial use value is produced in China, India, and Pakistan.

Main applications of Talc

Fillers (for rigidity, heat resistance, and dimensional stability improvements) and crystal nucleating agents
Paper making
Fillers, pitch control agents, and coating agents
Extender pigments (viscosity and gloss adjustments) and powder paints
Electronic components
Laminates, moldings, resist ink, and adhesive
Ceramic glaze and honeycomb ceramic material
Fillers (heat resistance and reinforcement improvements) and anti-sticking agents
Foundation, body powder, eye shadow, and lipsticks
Tablet excipients and lubricants
Gum base and production aids (stick prevention)
Anticaking agents for fertilizer and pesticide carriers
Talc Mine

Talc Mine

Production Process

Production Process