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Research & Development

IT and other technological innovation is making progress rapidly today. On the other hand, the efficient utilization of natural resources to protect the global environment has become a theme of vital importance.
Believing since the foundation of Nippon Talc that the efficient use of talc will contribute to society, We have been focusing on research and development and responding to the demand of the times and users’ needs. One of our efforts is the development of NANO ACE .
We will continue making efforts toward the development of new products and establishment of new technology, including the development of a variety of raw materials and the evaluation of new processing technology, in order to respond to a wide range of needs.

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Quality Control

In order to provide high-quality products stably, We have been using cutting-edge test equipment and making a high-precision analysis at each stage, ranging from the acceptance inspection stage of raw materials to the process inspection stage and final inspection stage of products.
We considers that the techniques, knowledge, and attitude of each worker at every stage, ranging from the acceptance stage of raw materials to the shipment stage of products, make product quality, and focuses on employee education.
As a member of society, We always check the conformance of its environment, health, and safety conditions with laws and regulations and maintains a thoroughgoing management system.

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Main test equipment

Test Item Analytical and Measuring Instrument Analysis method
Qualitative analysis SHIMADZU CORPORATION X-ray Diffractometer “XRD-6100” X-ray diffraction
Quantitative analysis SHIMADZU CORPORATION X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer “XRF-1500” X-ray Fluorescence
AMETEK Co., Ltd EDAX Genesis APEX2 Energy dispersive X-ray spectrometry
Scanning Electron Microscopes Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation SU1510
Hue analysis TokyoDenshoku.co.,Ltd. Color Meter “TC-1500MC” JIS・Z8722
Nippon Denshoku Industries Co.,Ltd Color Meter “Z-300A” JIS・Z8722
Color Meter “SE-2000”
Color Meter “SE-7700”
Whiteness Toyo Seiki Seisaku-sho, Ltd. Digital Hunter ST Hunter method
TokyoDenshoku.co.,Ltd. Photovolt “TC-6D” JIS・Z8722
Particle size analysis SHIMADZU CORPORATION SALD-2000J Laser Diffraction
MicrotracBEL Corp. Microtrac MT3300EXⅡ Laser Diffraction
Residue on sieve IIDA CO.,LTD. Tyler’s standard sieves  JIS・K5101
Wear volume NIPPON FILCON CO., LTD. Wear tester by NF method NIPPON FILCON method
NIPPON TALC CO., LTD. Wear tester by lead ball
Specific surface area SHIMADZU CORPORATION FlowSorb 2300 BET method
SHIMADZU CORPORATION SS-100 Air permeability method
Viscosity TOKYO KEIKI INC. BH&BL Viscometer JIS・K5101
EKO Instrument Co., Ltd. Brookfield Viscometer “LVT”
Interface analysis Kyowa Interface Science Co., LTD. Drop Master 300
pH HORIBA, Ltd. F-51 JIS・K5101
HORIBA, Ltd. F-71 JIS・K5101
Loss on ignition MASUDA CORPORATION NMF-215 JIS・K5101
Advantec Toyo Kaisha, Ltd. OTM-16D JIS・K5101
Yamato Scientific Co., Ltd. FO300 JIS・K5101
Bulk specific volume Ishiyama type