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Contract process

Provide pulverization skill for ultra fine particle talc.

NIPPON TALC have developed talc for long years. Finally, we suceeded to develop sub-micron talc. It is used for cutting-edge electronic material field.
We suggest pulverization skill for ultra fine particle talc as contract process.
We can pulverize customer product to around sub-micron in clean building. We take care conatmination in any process.
We can analyze customer products propety by advanced analytical equipment. For example, particle size distribution by laser diffraction particle size analyzer from shimadzu.

Image of pulverization to ultra fine particle (TALC)

Before pulverization
Before pulverization

After pulverization
After pulverization


Contract surface treatment for powder

Support for developing high value added powder product by surface treatment.

Image of surface treatment about talc

Our talc products are uesd for plastic filler and cosmetic ingredient.
In these apllication, we process variety of surface treatment. For examples for improving affinity for palstic, to add water-repellent property.
We can treat customer powder products by expert surface treatment skills.
We can use variety of surface treatment agent as customer request.

Steps of contract process

Steps of contract process