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Research and Development

The technological revolution continues to accelerate , especially in the field of information technology (IT).
At the same time , efficient utilization of natural resources to protect the global environment has become a theme of vital importance. In the field of talc products as well there is growing demand for new products and technologies.
To respond to evolving needs , Nippon Talc has constantly emphasized research and development to create new products such as :

 @ultrafine talc powder produced by new pulverizing technology ,
 Alow-oil-absorption grade talc ,
 Btalc with an improved feel for cosmetics ,
 Chigh-specific-surface-area grade talc to serve as a pitch control agent in paper production ,
 Dfine-powder burnt talc , and
 Esurface-treatment grade talc.

By combining various raw materials and new pulverization technologies with sorting and classification to develop new products and new products and technologies that meet the increasingly diversified needs of today's market.
Scanning electron microscope photograph
Left D-600
Right SG-95

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Nippon Talc ensures a reliable supply of high-quality products by rigorous inspections using state-of-the-art testing equipment , from a receiveing inspection for raw materials and inspections at each production process , to final inspection of the finished products. All data is analyzed by computer to constantly upgrade our stringent quality control program and ensure even higher quality and consistency. Our management system also includes constant checks to verify compliance with safety and health laws and regulations , as well as the highest possible quality assurance.

ISO Acquisition situation

    2002/1/15  KATSUTA Plant  JIS Z 9902:1998 ISO 9002:1994

KATSUTA Plant  JIS Q 9001:2000 ISO 9001:2000

    2003/11/17  OSAKA Plant, Head Office, Tokyo Office  JIS Q 9001:2000 ISO 9001:2000

    2007/11/17  Head Office, OSAKA Plant, KATSUTA Plant, Tokyo Office  JIS Q 9001:2000 ISO 9001:2000

    2009/11/17  Head Office, OSAKA Plant, KATSUTA Plant, Tokyo Office  JIS Q 9001:2008 ISO 9001:2008


 Main examination equipment
Testing Item  Measuring Instruments Test Standards & Methods
Qualitative analysis SHIMADZU CORPORATION X-ray Diffractometer XRD-6100 X-ray Diffraction Method
Quantitative analysis  SHIMADZU CORPORATION X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer XRF-1500 X-ray Fluorescebt Method
AMETEK Co.,Ltd. EDAX Genesis APEX2 Characteristic X-ray analysis
Electron microscope Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation SU1510  
Color analysis Tokyo Denshoku Co.,Ltd. Color Difference Meter TC-1500MC JIS・Z8722
Color Difference Meter SE-2000 JIS・Z8722
Whiteness Toyo Seiki Seisaku-sho, Ltd. Digital Hunter-ST Hunte Method
Tokyo Denshoku Co.,Ltd. Photo-Volt TC-6D JIS・Z8722
Particle size distribution   SHIMADZU CORPORATION SALD-2000J Laser diffraction
SHIMADZU CORPORATION SALD-2300 Laser diffraction
Residue on screen SIEVE FACTORY IIDA CO.,LTD. TIS Standard Screen JIS・K5101
Abrasiveness Nippon Filcon Co.,Ltd. Filcon Abrasion tester Filcon method
Nippon Talc Co.,Ltd. Sandan Type Abrasion Tester  
Specific surface area SHIMADZU CORPORATION Flowsorb2300 BET method
SHIMADZU CORPORATION SS-100 Air transmission metho
Viscosity TOKYO KEIKI INC. BH Type、BL Type JIS・K5101
Interfacial analysis Kyowa Interface Science Co.,Ltd Drop Master 300  
pH  HORIBA, Ltd. F-51 JIS・K5101
HORIBA, Ltd. F-71 JIS・K5101
Masuda Rika Ltd. SA-30 JIS・K5101
Ignition loss   Masuda Rika Ltd. NMF-215 JIS・K5101
Advantec Toyo Kaisya, Ltd OTM-16D JIS・K5101
Yamato Scientific Co., Ltd. FO300 JIS・K5101
Specific bulk volume   Ishiyama Type , Tapping Machine

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