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@ Ever since Nippon Talc Co., Ltd.was founded in 1934 as a specialized manufacturer of talc products, we have carried out continuous research and development to achieve increasing levels of quality and provide a highly reliable product supply.
Focusing on the development of new production technologies ,we have steadily expanded our operations. Today , talc is used in an amazingly diverse range of applications , from familiar day-to-day products to industrial fields such as paper , plastics , electronic components , ceramics , food additives , pharmaceuticals , cosmetics , paints , rubber , agricultural chemicals and fertilizers.
Continuous RD is pioneering new fields and leading to exciting new applications , creasing renewed interest in the far-reaching possibilities of this remarkable material.
Nippon Talc is dedicated to further refining our technology and to developing innovative new talc products.
As a responsible corporate member of society , we are also helping to ensure efficient utilization of limited natural resources by supporting harmonious coexistence between humankind and Nature.

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